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This site presents you 3D fractals beyound your imaginations.

Limit set
Mastkit slice
Experimental Julia-like set
Natural fractals

In nature, we can observe various wonderful complicated shapes such as coastlines, lightnings, clouds and plants. To measure those complicated shapes, a mathematician, Benoit Mandelbrot introduced a new concept called "fractal" in 1975.

In mathematical nature, fractal shapes had been studied but their stages are mainly on plane, a geometric representation of complex number. Many established mathematical tools of complex number can be utilized to explore fractal behaviors in mathematical nature.

Recently, various interesting examples of three dimensional fractals have been discovered by authors. In 2002, Yoshiaki Araki and Kazushi Ahara studied new three-generator Kleinian groups with limit set those shapes are three dimensional fractals. In 2003, Yoshiaki Araki, and Kentaro Ito studied more three-generator Kleinian groups with deformation space called maskit slice that shape is also a three dimensional fractal.

Those mathematical works are encouraged with beauties of computer graphic images generated by the results. In this site, other experimental works of Julia-like set are presented to demonstrate possibilities of more interesting three dimensional fractal shapes.

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